Trial Rescue Oncology

TrialWire™ AI-Match Platform was engaged by the sponsor when the study failed to recruit on target despite additional funds being spent on IRB approved print adverts, TV, and radio.

The 35 site study in North America needed 70 more patients within 2 months.

The Platform was able to start immediately and people who matched the data were invited onto the AI-Match to find a study. They were then connected to their nearest site for follow-up. No details are kept on the Platform and patient privacy is paramount in all communications.

The client opted to send screened and eligible patients the phone number of their nearest site to speed up the contact process – in addition to having their contact details emailed to the site.

The study was recruited on time.

In addition, we outreached to referring physicians near sites and shared the Platform links.

The study was recruited on time within budget.

Recruited on time
The Sponsor had access to the hourly updates from DataMap Platform's Dashboard
Weekly calls and hourly data updates