TrialWire Launches Cost-Effective $750p/m Subscription Recruitment Insurance Solution

Boston, USA – TrialWire™ Rapid Patient Recruitment Platform, the leader in automated digital patient recruitment solutions that accelerate clinical trials, today launched RecruitOne the most cost-effective patient referral backup insurance solution offering peace of mind just in case recruitment stalls. Sponsors and CROs can see how many referrals TrialWire™ has secured per site so can activate TrialWire™ for specific sites or the entire study.  Add RecruitOne to your Drug Development Program Here

TrialWire won the Citeline Best Patient-facing Technology Initiative 2023 from a global lineup of digital recruitment finalists.

With more than 80% of clinical trials failing to recruit patients on time, and 30% of research sites not able to meet enrollment goals – 10% of sites don’t enroll any patients – TrialWire™ RecruitOne offers peace of mind and significant cost and time-saving for sponsors, investors and CROs.

RecruitOne, which costs only $750 per month, works automatically in the background building micro databases of patients that match specific clinical trial criteria. The AI and algorithms use geolocation and online interest and intent to build curated databases of screened exact-match patients.

Then if a study recruitment slows or a site is underperforming, sponsors can instantly activate TrialWire and bring all the referrals into the study to boost enrollment.

Client data shows TrialWire™ cuts recruitment time by more than 50% saving costs and de-risking studies from the start.

The Citeline Award judges said:

“TrialWire’s platform scalability has enabled the company to enroll patients in 462 trials in various therapeutic areas in the US, European Union, and Asia-Pacific markets. The Platform is also able to recruit across multiple languages and geographies, and is well-suited to conduct decentralized clinical trials, improving access and diversity.”

The Citeline announcement said:

“Citeline is proud to announce that the winners have been announced for the 2023 Citeline Awards. The Awards recognize excellence and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, celebrating the companies and individuals who are driving progress in drug development.

Best Patient-facing Technology Initiative: TrialWire is the leading digital patient recruitment Platform that uses AI and algorithms to rapidly AI-Match patients with studies.”

TrialWire™ recruitment can start in under 24-hours because the Platform doesn’t require approvals.

The TrialWire™ Technology Platform includes:

  • Dedicated secure portal dashboards for each Study Coordinator where they can review patient details and medical information
  • Multiple dashboards per site so all Study Coordinators can connect with patients and see real-time progress
  • Dashboards for sponsors and CROs where they can see de-identified referral status data
  • Secure SMS/Text Patient Engagement System for SCs inside their dashboards for instant communications with the patient – book calls and screening visits
  • Automated AI-Match and algorithm-driven “find and screen” patient process
  • Minute-by-minute metrics for Study Coordinators showing numbers referred, contacted, screened, and enrolled at their site
  • Minute-by-minute metrics for sponsors and CROs showing numbers referred, contacted, screened, and enrolled – across all sites on a study
  • HIPAA compliance and all patient privacy security
  • Built on the Salesforce Health Cloud
  • Unlimited number of sites globally
  • Available in all languages
  • ScreenMatch – the SC “white glove” support system that helps contact and phone screen patients

TrialWire™ is ideal for sponsors and CROs wanting to avoid extended recruitment delays.

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About TrialWire™

TrialWire™ is a privately held technology company that leverages 25 years of experience in the clinical trial patient recruitment sector. TrialWire™, which is solving the most serious problem in the drug development sector.