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We Find Motivated People for Clinical Trials

TrialWire is the leading digital patient recruitment platform for Sponsors and CROs requiring a rapid study recruitment boost.

With more than 85% of trials impacted by patient recruitment failures or delays, TrialWire has solved a multi-billion dollar problem. TrialWire recruits across all geographies and languages.

Unlike all other recruitment tools, TrialWire uses advanced algorithms to find people when they are searching for health solutions online and, within 2 minutes, AI-Matches them with studies near them (or for DCTs) and connects them directly with the relevant site.

TrialWire Study Dashboards for Sponsors, CROs and Study Coordinators are powered by Salesforce Health Cloud providing the most secure and informative insights across the entire recruitment process. All patient data is kept in the Dashboards accessible only by the site Study Coordinators for follow-up.

Sponsors and CROs have real-time de-identified views of study recruitment progress.

We are a team of professional communications specialists with deep clinical and biotech experience, and developers/engineers expert in AI, machine learning, and algorithms.

Passionate & Experienced Team

We are passionate about the power of digital to reach, screen, and enroll patients faster and more accurately than any other way.

We know people are online taking charge of their health, checking diagnosis and treatments, and sharing breakthroughs with their online community.

This is where we find the right people. They are motivated, know all about clinical trials, and want to be involved for themselves or a loved one.


What Make Us The Best in Digital Patient Recruitment

Excellence in patient recruitment


Everything we do is measurable and transparent.


TRIALWIRE™ Platform is informed by data so is constantly adjusting and correcting real time.


Our account team coordinate updates and information with clients and the Platform.


We use encrypted emails to sites with patient information and instantly redact patient data to protect privacy.


Our Goal Is Meeting Trial Timelines

We provide digital recruitment services to CROs, sponsors, and sites.

Support Sites

We are here to support sites recruit successfully. We find more people near sites – most of whom are not on the site patient lists.

We have Revolutionised the Screener

It is all about the online screener. The better the match, the less time and money spent screening at the sites.

Connecting Patients and Sites

The faster we can connect patients and sites the faster the study enrolls. That’s why it takes under 2 minutes for a patient to connect with a site.

We are Guided by the Data

Data guides everything at TrialWire™. Experimenting and hunches are not part of our processes. Time and money are the priority.


Explore Our Milestones And See How
It All Began

December 2001

Started patient recruitment campaigns

With a background in health communications in large research hospitals and health news media, the TrialWire team started applying this knowledge to support a major APAC CRO recruit for clinical trials.

March 2008

Expansion in USA and Asia

Expanded its services to support sponsors directly in North America and APAC.

January 2010


Converted to mostly digital tools having found traditional marketing such as newspapers and radio expensive, not targetted and not measurable.

March 2016

GeoMap starts

The first iteration of the TrialWire™ Platform focussed on location and distance from sites, then other health match information. It used sophisticated algorithms to find the right people near sites then screened and connected them to their nearest site.

January 2018

TrialWire™ Platform launched

Combining 19 years of clinical trial patient recruitment and some of the best developers in health, TrialWire™ Platform engages the most advanced algorithms to find the right people based on a complex matrix including location, age, gender, medical profile, motivation, and more – to accurately match people with trials on the Platform.

October 2021

TrialWire™ Platform on Salesforce Health Cloud

TrialWire commissioned a custom-built dashboard system on Salesforce Health Cloud, designed and implemented by an international Salesforce development partner, to provide exceptional security and visibility for sponsors, CROs, and Study Coordinators.

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