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Finding patients online

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News Media and Health and Wellness Blogs

The TrialWire™ Platform is the only digital platform that taps into audiences looking at specific health and wellness articles in online news and blogs including CNN, HuffPost, and thousands of smaller online publications that cover specific locations and therapeutic areas, and patient community media.


Across All Social Media Channels

The TrialWire™ Platform matches trial target demographics and data with the types of users on each platform including Facebook, WeChat, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter . For example, Facebook offers unique access to older people with specific conditions or referral capabilities, while Instagram offers a younger audience. The Platform accesses Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and much more including country-specific social media such as WeChat in Asia.

Targeting the right social media
Guided by data
Different social channels across different times

Reaching TA Specific Patient Communities

The TrialWire™ Platform extends into patient communities via their websites and online discussion boards. These communities rely on AI-Match to find studies across broad areas within each TA. Typically people with existing conditions have a number of other health challenges so with AI-Match they will always find a study that is right for them.


Reaching Key Referring Physicians

The TrialWire™ Platform finds local or specialist physicians and supports their referral process. The biggest challenge is reaching referring physicians. The standard referring physician letter rarely gets to the right people inside a practice.

So we find physicians and specialists near sites and make it easy for them to refer their patients using the TrialWire™ Platform’s advanced patient match search service.

Reaching the right referring medical professionals
Geotargeting around sites or virtual
Tapping vast numbers of patients

Google Search and Micro-online Communities

Google search is where most people will go to check a diagnosis, symptoms, look for a physician or specialists and research the latest treatments. So this is where we can also find potential trial participants.

In addition, most people are buying their medical supplies online now either on pharmacy sites or shopping sites like Amazon. So we can target people based on what they are purchasing and the Platform correlates and matches this activity with study criteria.

Being where people are looking for answers
Strategic algorithms
Rapid targeting

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