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The RapidRecruit pay-per-enrollment solution is trusted by biotechs and CROs globally

RapidRecruit offers a rapid cost-effective response to stalled trials. Recruitment can start in under 24 hours, and there are no delays because the program doesn’t require IRB/EC submissions.

The TrialWire™ Platform finds people who are online and might be suitable for studies listed on the Platform. Then, they are invited into the Platform screener via a generic, non-trial-specific alert.

The Platform AI and algorithms quickly identify patients, and the online AI-Match screener instantly delivers qualified, eligible referrals to study sites – near them or virtual/DCT – where they can be easily accessed for follow-up in the secure Portal.

The Platform uses approved study eligibility and exclusion criteria from trial registries like ClinicalTrials.Gov.

The guaranteed, rapid auto recruitment solution

How we find patients

The TrialWire™ Platform uses advanced algorithms that tap SEO, search marketing, social media, and hundreds of respected news websites and wellness blogs to find patient trial matches.

Unified Patient Communications System 

The TrialWire™ Platform is the only recruitment solution that offers secure contact with patients using SMS/Text, video, email, and calls – all secure inside the Platform. These contact points are logged so that the entire study team can see the current status.

This advanced Patient Engagement System accelerates patient contact and retention.

Contact issues cause delays

The Platform is specifically designed to support rapid communications between patients and study coordinators, which has traditionally caused delays and lost referrals.

Designed for Sites

The Platform is designed with the site team in mind, making it as easy as possible for them to manage these patient interactions and progress them through enrollment.

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Pay-per-enrollment is our risk share offering to biotechs

Risk share

The TrialWire™ Platform has a unique pricing mix designed to support results-based patient recruitment.

The Platform is the first to offer pay-per-patient and a full refund if patient numbers are not met. This delivers peace of mind and enhances budget planning for biotechs.

The TrialWire™ Platform has been specifically designed to address the need for fixed pricing.

Our years of experience in the recruitment sector means we understand the financial pressure on biotechs as they progress through their drug development program.

Paying per referral just isn’t an option for most companies – they need to see guarantees and pay-per-enrollment success. They want to work with recruitment solutions that risk share around success.

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The TrialWire Platform is built on Salesforce Health Cloud for maximum security and global compliance

Security and patient privacy inform everything we do at TrialWire, which is why we built TrialWire on the Salesforce Health Cloud backbone.

Salesforce Health Cloud offers the most robust and accredited security system available.

In addition, it allows private and secure Dashboards for Sponsors, CROs, and Study Coordinators, each with their own view based on security and restrictions around patient privacy and compliance.

Multi-award-winning technology - every year

“TrialWire’s platform scalability has enabled the company to enroll patients in 462 trials in various therapeutic areas in the US, European Union, and Asia-Pacific markets. The Platform is also well-suited to conduct decentralized clinical trials, improving access and diversity.”

Best Patient-facing Technology InitiativeCiteline Award Judges

“TrialWire provides clinical trial patient recruitment for biotechs, pharma and CROs with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) powered software and advanced algorithms. With over two decades of clinical trial patient recruitment experience, TrialWire has fine-tuned its processes into a technology Platform that supports hundreds of biotech clients successfully recruit the required number of patients to their trials. The company streamlines the recruitment process, connecting patients to the TrialWire™ platform by selecting prospective patients based on their location, online activity, demographics, and medical profile, among other characteristics."

Global Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment IT Solutions Technology Innovation Leadership AwardFrost & Sullivan

Guaranteed, transparent and fixed fee, results-based recruitment solution

See pricing guide and get an exact fixed fee quote for your study.

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Reboot your Study Today

World-class Technology Supporting the Platform


The most advanced AI and algorithm automated recruitment platform to fix slow trials.
Risk share fee system - Py Per Enrollment

Patient MetricsIQ

Tap the AI data tool used at TrialWire - know where your patients are.
If you want to find out where your patients are for site selection at any stage of your trial, try Patient MetricsIQ, the newest data tool incorporating AI and more than 45 data sources.


ScreenMatch "White Glove" Site support is a registered nurse backed support system to help sites screen referrals. We all know some sites can be short staffed. When we need to contact patients within 48 of successful pre-screening, ScreenMatch is a real study saver.

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