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Finding Motivated Patients

The key to finding high-retention patients is finding motivated patients.

These are people online actively searching and research a medical issue. These are not people who are passively exposed to a clinical trial via advertising.

The AI-Match Platform goes out and finds these motivated patients and invites them into the Platform to find the exact trial that’s right for them.

The AI-Match Platform alert pop-up is triggered when a person searches a TA, is in the right location and has other matches including age and gender, and demographics that correspond to studies on the Platform.

We know these people are valuable so they are offered the AI-Match screener to find the exact right study.

As people progress through the Platform their motivation ranking increases. So when they are matched with a study that is right for them and they send their contact details to the clinic study coordinator they are among the most ideal patients.

This says they want to act quickly on an opportunity that might offer new approaches and or solutions. It also suggests they are not getting the medical attention they need and or their current medication is not working for them.

NOTE: holidays and post-New Year are ideal times to reach people because this is when people are focussed on improving their health.

Better enrollment and retention rates

This type of patient is also easier to contact and book site screening and is more likely to attend the site appointment. They are also more likely to adhere to the study medication (and diary) protocol and have a higher retention rate.

So finding these patients when they are actively searching for answers can significantly improve the success of a study.

How we find patients

The AI-Match Platform used advanced AI and specialist health and demographic algorithms to find the right people just when they are searching for a medical condition. This is the key to our success because we only bring the right people onto the Platform where they can find a study at a nearby site.

Mass marketing alternatives

There are many alternatives recruitment tools, but they are not able to accurately find patients and then deliver screening and patient access to a site instantly.

Mass marketing alternatives can include:

  • Database mining – searching databases for patients in the hope they might still be interested in a solution (they could have been added to the database months or years before)
  • Advertising in print, TV, radio – mass advertising in the hope that relevant patients see the advert
  • Social media – without direct action options including connection to a screener and the site, social media doesn’t offer immediate solutions for the patient – plus the forms can breach HIPAA regulations around patient privacy

An important difference is that AI-Match Platform doesn’t keep or have access to patient ID/contact information. DataMap Platform can also start recruiting in 24 hours because it doesn’t require IRB/EC approval.