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Clinical trials form an integral part of the overall drug development process, enabling the necessary evaluation of the safety and efficacy of a drug candidate. As these trials are prone to delays, and can even fail altogether, they impose an immense financial pressure on sponsors. Studies suggest that around 40% of the total investment made for the development of a drug candidate is dedicated to clinical trials. However, the conduct of such trials is often fraught with challenges, including scientific and operational complexity, concerns associated with recruitment and retention of suitable patients, issues related to data handling and increasingly stringent regulatory guidelines. Further, owing to the inherent complexity of the overall process and involvement of several different stakeholders, these trials are prone to delays. It is worth mentioning that around 80% of the clinical trials are delayed due to insufficient patient recruitment. Further, retaining patients is also a major concern in pharmaceutical research and development; 15% to 40% of the enrolled patients drop out before the studies are completed, significantly impacting product approvals / launch timelines. Therefore, patient outreach, patient recruitment and patient retention strategies have evolved significantly, especially with the availability of a variety of digital data generation, management and marketing solutions. In fact, a number of modern technology-enabled offerings are now available to support various aspects of clinical research and patient recruitment.


The opinions and insights presented in the report were also influenced by discussions held with senior stakeholders in the industry. The report features detailed transcripts of interviews held with the following individuals:

  • Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier (Founder and Director, TrialWire)
  • Kate Shaw (Chief Executive Officer and Founder) and Marco Lassandro (Marketing and Communications Manager, Innovative Trials)
  • Simon Klaasen (Co-founder and Managing Director, Link2Trials)
  • Stefan Mayer-Eggersmann (Chief Commercial Officer, Clariness)
  • Ken Shore (Chief Commercial Officer, Continuum Clinical)
  • Hagit Nof (Chief Operation Officer and Business Development Officer, nRollmed)
  • Paul Ivsin (Ex-Managing Director, Seeker Health)
  • Kasturi Lakhe (Inside Sales Specialist, EVERSANA)