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TrialWire, a leading provider of digital health technology solutions for clinical trial patient recruitment, has been shortlisted for the Citeline Awards 2023. The award recognizes the innovative and disruptive role that digital health technology is currently playing in clinical trials.

With the increasing adoption of digital tools in the healthcare industry, technological innovators are discovering novel ways to gather high-quality patient data using an array of digital tools for patient recruitment to clinical trials. Advances in the development of smartphone apps, mobile health devices, and other products are revolutionizing the way patients participate in clinical trials.

The judges are looking for the product that represents the best advance in improving patient data collection and/or the patient experience in clinical trials. TrialWire has been shortlisted for their innovative solutions that aim to improve the patient experience in clinical trials and streamline the process of patient recruitment for clinical trials.

“We are honored to be shortlisted for the Citeline Awards 2023,” said Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier, CEO of TrialWire. “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop innovative solutions that can make a real difference in clinical trials. We believe that our technology can help improve patient engagement, speed up recruitment, and ultimately lead to better outcomes in clinical trials.”

The Citeline Awards are recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in the healthcare industry.