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Terms of Service

TrialWire offers proprietary digital recruitment services.

TrialWire is not responsible for clinical trial activity or success or any issues.

TrialWire is contracted to support patient recruitment efforts. Where noted in the products it will offer a money back guarantee on pre-payments for enrolled patients.

Sites are required to track all TrialWire referrals and advise when a patient is enrolled. TrialWire can contact sites to discuss enrollmend data – not patient ID or information for the purpose of confirming enrollment status and so billing status.

TrialWire will reimburse pre-payment funds at the end of the study or at conclusion of the agreement with TrialWire which requires a 30 day written notice.

TrialWire will deliver recruitment services to the best of its ability using the latest technology tools, while prioritising patient privacy.

TrialWire does not collect patient ID information for databases. Any potential contact with patients occurs at the end of the study.

TrialWire may at any point offer a patient a thank you voucher for using the TrialWire service – at the end of the study to preserve patient privacy and only when they reach out and connect with TrialWire.

TrialWire has no legal or financial responsibility for any of the clinical trial processes or outcomes and does not endorse any clinical trial or therapy/treatment.

TrialWire uses publicly available information from clinical trial registries as the basis for its communications with patients.

TrialWire uses any media or digital communication channel it sees fit to to communicate with patient populations.

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