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AI and RWD

TrialWire is Citeline Award Finalist for Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials

TrialWire™ Patient Recruitment Platform that Reboots Stalled Trials is Citeline Awards Global Finalist for “Best Use of AI in Clinical Trials” Boston, USA – The TrialWire™ Rapid Patient Recruitment Platform, the…
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Patient RecruitmentPatient retention

Why we are multilingual

Embracing Multilingual Communication: A Vital Strategy for Clinical Trials Recruitment One of the key challenges of clinical trials is reaching diverse participant pools, so the significance of effective communication cannot…
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AI and RWD

Revolutionizing Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials: The AI Edge

In the ever-evolving landscape of clinical trials, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, particularly in the domain of patient recruitment. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like digital…
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Patient Recruitment

The top patient recruitment firms list in 2024 for local or global studies

TrialWire has compiled the most comprehensive list for 2024 of all the leading patient recruitment tools to help sponsors and CROs find the right one for their studies. Australia -…
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The digital-first patient recruitment solution

Gone are the days of radio and print adverts to find people for clinical trials. People are now researching health solutions online. We need to be in front of them when they are online and let them know there may be a study that is right for them based on their specific medical conditions.

This is where our powerful algorithms come in. They find people based on location (near sites), current and historical online activity, health preferences and interests, online intent, and all demographics, including age and more.

The algorithms find people across hundreds of news sites, community groups, patient advocacy groups, and health and special interest groups.

Easier, faster, more cost-effective, transparent and trackable

TrialWire harnesses the latest in AI and algorithms to find the right people near sites.

“More than 80% of trials are impacted by slow patient recruitment. TrialWire is designed to perform in emergencies.”

Susan Fitzpatrick-NapierDirector, Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier

We solve the key challenges for clinical stage biotechs


The most advanced AI and algorithm automated recruitment platform to fix slow trials.
Risk share fee system - Py Per Enrollment

Patient MetricsIQ

Tap the AI data tool used at TrialWire - know where your patients are.
If you want to find out where your patients are for site selection at any stage of your trial, try Patient MetricsIQ, the newest data tool incorporating AI and more than 45 data sources.


ScreenMatch "White Glove" Site support is a registered nurse backed support system to help sites screen referrals. We all know some sites can be short staffed. When we need to contact patients within 48 of successful pre-screening, ScreenMatch is a real study saver.

Solving pain points for patients, sites, and sponsors

The TrialWire™ Platform finds people who are online that might be right for studies listed on the Platform. They are invited into the Platform via a generic non-trial specific alert.

People are then asked questions via AI-Match to find the best study match for them – near them or virtual/DCT. The Platform uses ingested approved study data from approved trial registries like ClinicalTrials.Gov.

How we find patients

The TrialWire™ Platform uses advanced algorithms, SEO, search marketing, social media, and hundreds of respected news sites, and wellness blogs to find patient trial matches.

Unified Communications System for Patient Engagement 

The TrialWire™ Platform is the only recruitment solution that offers a secure in-platform contact system with patients via text/SMS, video, phone, and email, all designed to accelerate patient contact and retention. The system delivers full contact progress transparency for the entire CTP team, as well as Sponsors and CROs.

  • No IRB/EC approval needed | Because we never promote a specific trial and only use generic alerts about the Platform to invite people to search for studies, we don’t need approvals. In fact, there is actually nothing to approve.

    A generic “Have you thought about joining a clinical trial” message is what people see. Then, inside the Platform, there are more than 300 different possible questions that can be used to find a study match.

  • Track Recruitment | We offer a sophisticated data dashboard so you and your team can see what is happening across the study, which sites are getting referrals, and how many at any time.
  • Fixed fee so you can manage your budget | We offer a fixed per-enrolled patient fee, and you can cancel at any time. You can add all your sites or just the ones that need extra patients.
  • Security | We use the latest security protocols from Salesforce Health Cloud, so data is fully encrypted and secure.