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San Francisco, USA – TrialWire a leading digital patient recruitment firm in the USA, Australia and Asia has been recognised as a Top 100 Recruitment Firm in a recent report on the industry by Roots Analysis as part of a review of the industry, which is expected to grow to USD$5.3 billion in 2030.

TrialWire’s lead digital offering is AI-Match the smart patient finder technology platform that reaches and interacts with people online when they are searching for health information in social media, news, and blogs. In addition to the rapid recruitment capabilities, the key to the Geo-Map success is 100% patient privacy where no patient contact information is ever seen or kept by the Geo-Map system.

An online Dashboard shows how many patient referrals are being sent to which sites.

The report highlights the following companies:

BBK Worldwide
Bright Pharmaceuticals Services
Ignite Data
Integrated Clinical Trial Services
Polaris BioPharma Consulting
WCCT Global

According to Gaurav Chaudhary CEO, Roots Analysis:

“Our research suggests that an estimated 80% of trials fail to meet their designated enrolment deadlines, while over 35% of trial sites do not achieve their participant accrual goals and more than 10% don’t even enrol a single patient. Retaining patients is also a matter of concern, considering that the approximate dropout rate across clinical studies is around 30%. However, employing contract service providers has been shown to not only expedite patient recruitment but also help retain participants throughout the trial duration. Presently, there are over 135 companies that constitute the patient recruitment and retention services market, which is projected to witness sustained growth over the coming decade.”


TrialWire works with leading CROs and sponsors as well as sites to deliver rapid, safe and private communications between potential trial participants and sites.

Its lead product AI-Match has been developed over 18 years in the sector to solve all the problems sites, sponsors and CROs face recruiting the right people at a fixed cost.

The technology platform is a monthly fee and can be used to geo-map areas around sites and find the right people quickly. It can also be used to reach people at community facilities and special interest group settings such as hospitals, retirement villages and more.

TrialWire also offers powerful study news articles featuring PIs as well as social media videos and study press releases.