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TrialWire, the most secure and HIPAA compliant digital patient recruitment Platform for trial rescue, today announced the launch of StudyBoost, a monthly “insurance” plan that provides an instant patient recruitment boost instantly at any time, across all sites or even just one depending on recruitment needs.

With more than 80% of clinical trials failing to recruit patients on time, and 30% of research sites not able to meet enrollment goals – 10% of sites don’t enroll any patients – StudyBoost offers peace of mind for Clinical Directors and their CROs.

StudyBoost was designed so that sponsors avoid a trial rescue crisis, saving valuable time and funds.

If a study needs patients, StudyBoost can start delivering instantly and at a significantly reduced cost to normal recruitment. There are no project fees and there is a 50% fee reduction for enrolled patient success.

StudySure is ideal for sponsors and CROs wanting to avoid extended recruitment stalls while they find a recruitment firm and process engagement documentation which can take weeks.

It means a study has a recruitment booster plan ready to action at any time recruitment slows.

The package is only available at the start of a study. StudyBoost is available via the TrialWire™ self-serve portal.

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About TrialWire™

The TrialWire™ Platform is the most secure service that used advanced algorithms to find the right people who are online that might be suitable for studies listed on the Platform. They are invited into the Platform and taken through the AI-Match screener to determine an exact match to a study – site based or remote/virtual.

The Platform ingest approved study data from approved trial registries like ClinicalTrials.Gov.

It uses advanced algorithms, SEO, search marketing, social media, respected news sites, and wellness blogs and more to find patient trial matches.

Key to the TrialWire™ success is that it finds motivated people who are actively online trying to find out more about their conditions. They can be connected to a site in under 2 minutes. These people have high retention rates.

The algorithms can find people based on detailed personal, demographic and location profiles.

Unlike all other digital recruitment firms, TrialWire™ does NOT keep patient details – no databases so no potential privacy breaches.